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Hiding Phil

March 20, 2014

Hiding-Phil-Hardcover-L9780545464772Hiding Phil
by Eric Barclay

What would you do if you found an elephant? Would you want to keep him? In Hiding Phil by Texas author Eric Barclay, three friends meet an awesome elephant named Phil. They have a great time playing in the park until they realize Mom and Dad might not be so excited about keeping an elephant. They must hide Phil! But where do you hide an elephant?

With bold illustrations, and the most adorable hat-wearing elephant you’ve ever seen, you’ll have fun watching the Phil’s friends think of creative ways to hide him. Maybe you can think of even more hiding places for an elephant!

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Charlotte with Gerard

February 20, 2014

Charlotte hangs out with Gerard the Giraffe at Parr Library.

Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae.

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Charlotte with Daisy

January 23, 2014

Charlotte visits Daisy the Sheepdog at the Parr Library.

Bark, George by Jules Feiffer

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Charlotte with Kevin

December 24, 2013

Charlotte visits Kevin at the Schimelpfenig Library!

A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni

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Charlotte with Billy T. Goat

November 26, 2013

Charlotte visits her friend Billy T. Goat at the Davis Library

The First Drawing by Mordicai Gerstein

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Charlotte is Back!

October 22, 2013

Charlotte talks to her friend Roy G. Biv from the Davis Library

Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson

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Kid Picks

October 6, 2013

 Title: Whatever After: Fairest of All

Author: Sarah Mlynowski

What I thought about it: it very confuseing the mirrior ate hear

Reviewed by: Anne


a-picnic-adventure-lisa-gallo-paperback-cover-art Title: A Picnic Adventure

Author: Lisa Gallo

What I thought about it: Good. book. The cat is cute. I like the flowers.

Reviewed by: Noon


 Title: Cat Secrets

Author: Jef Czekaj

What I thought about it: I think that Cat Secrets would be very entertaining to the little ones.

Reviewed by: Lindsey


 Title: Marley Not a Peep!

Author: John Grogan

What I thought about it: Cassie sould not go for a playdate. Because there will be troble.

Reviewed by: Aniya

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Kid Picks

September 29, 2013

 Title: We Are in a Book!

Author: Mo Willems

What I thought about it: the piggy and elephant thought they were in a book.

Reviewed by: Shreya


 Title: Judy Moody Gets Famous!

Author: Megan McDonald

What I thought about it: I love the series that Megan Mcdonald has created. Judy’s just like me!

Reviewed by: Sara


 Title: The Klondike Kid

Author: Deborah Hopkinson

What I thought about it: I like the book because it is very exciting.

Reviewed by: Hallel (By the way, Hallel, this was the most neatly written Kid Pick I’ve ever received.)


 Title: The Last Musketeer

Author: Stuart Gibbs

What I thought about it: It had a lot of action and adventure and I loved it.

Reviewed by: DJ

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The Case of the Missing Donut

September 24, 2013

donut1The Case of the Missing Donut
by Alison McGhee

The sheriff takes the deputy with him on a highly risky errand – to procure a dozen donuts and bring them home safely. On the way back, the sheriff notices one of the donuts has become slightly smushed, and then while he tries to fix it… it disappears all together! With seemingly no evidence of where the donut may have gone, the sheriff attempts to look normal the rest of the walk home. But then people start to ask questions, coming suspiciously close to the truth. The sheriff realizes there is no way he is going to get away with his crime, but he doesn’t understand how everyone knows what happened!

I actually sat at my desk and laughed out loud when I read this book. It’s so cute, especially the deputy (the sheriff’s dog). I was particularly fond of how everyone in town calls the boy “Sheriff.” This is a fun book for everyone who loves donuts, which is everyone… even the deputy.


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Kid Picks

September 22, 2013

 Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever

Author: Jeff Kinney

What I thought about it: awesome There was this boy named Gred he was trapped in his house.

Reviewed by: Srimard


 Title: By the Shores of Silver Lake

Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder

What I thought about it: When I read it I believe I am in the book

Reviewed by: Hailey


 Title: India the Moonstone Fairy

Author: Daisy Meadows

What I thought about it: it was a great book. My favorite part about this book was when Rachale finds the moonstone.

Reviewed by: Sydney


 Title: Angry Birds Space

Author: Rovio Entertainment


Reviewed by: Sarah

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