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Shoe Dog

April 16, 2014

Megan McDonald

Shoe Dog by Megan McDonald.

All dogs love to chew and they can usually be placated by a bone, a toy or even a smelly sock but  not Shoe Dog.  How did he get that name?  We meet this adorable dog at a pet store where is is anxiously waiting for a home.  The owner has no idea what she is in for until she discovers his passion, shoes!  In fact, that is how he got his name.  He can’t seem to help himself as he discovers just the right size boxes filled with shoes.  Even though he is called “BAD DOG” and has to sleep at the bottom of the bed or on the cold downstairs floor the lure of those shoe boxes is just more than he can stand.  You would think he would have learned his lesson but when a large red bag appears he hears that familiar rustling of paper and he knows those boxes are just waiting for him.  Shoe Dog will find that bag and when he pulls it over what falls out makes him stop in his tracks.  He no longer needs shoes for his has found a new passion.

I really enjoyed the illustrations in this large colorful book.  The drawing of Shoe Dog really fit his spunky personality.  Who doesn’t enjoy a good dog adventure and this one is worth reading.

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I Hatched!

March 21, 2014

I hatchedI Hatched!  CRACK! Yep I am here.  Meet this delightful, energetic little chick as he enters the world.  Right from the start as he stretches his wobbly legs he begins to run everywhere.  Running is his favorite thing to do as he begins to discover his surroundings.  But wait, he finds a pool of water and sees himself.  He is even more amazed at how awesome he looks.  He learns he can sing and captures us with his new sounds.  He spends an eventful day running, singing and learning everything he can until mama calls.  He knows when she calls it is time to rest.  Upon his return home a new surprise awaits him; a  new baby sister has hatched.  He can hardly contain himself as he announces, “don’t worry, I know EVERYTHING!” Obviously a book that will make you smile as you read it.  Through the author’s words you can just feel this little chick love of life and  the illustrations just add to the enjoyment of this book.

Beverly  (Davis)


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I’m Not a Pig in Underpants

February 17, 2014

Elwood H. SmithI had no idea when this title caught my eye that I would want to write about it.
I’m Not a Pig in Underpants is a clever and quirky book.  If a child could read the name on this book a smile or possible a giggle may ensue.  What young child doesn’t giggle when you say the word “underpants”.  Throughout the book the author keeps us guessing and as he says “things are not always what they seem to be.”  The comical illustrations will keep you smiling and when you reach the end of the book be ready for a surprise.  You will just have to pick this one up and give it a read.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

A good book for a small group in order to enjoy the illustrations but also fun to read one on one.

Bev W. (Davis)


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January 10, 2014

by Randi Zuckerberg

Like most children Dot loves to play on her computer, phone, ipad, notepad and any electronic device she can find.  She “has learned a lot”, she can tweet, tag, surf, swipe, share, search and even talk on some of her electronic devices.  In fact, Dot has spent a good part of her day in an electronic daze.  Dot’s mother knows the cure for this ailment.  She opens the door and sends Dot out to recharge and reboot.  Nature greets her as she learns to tap, touch, share, tweet, surf, swipe and talk to her friends as he enjoys the world that surrounds her.

An enjoyable book to share with our young children as they become immersed in this world of technology.  We can’t forget to smell the flowers along the way.

Beverly (Davis)

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December 11, 2013

by Catherine Rayner

Award winning author and illustrator, Catherine Rayner’s newest addition to her collection of unique animal books is called,  Abigail.  A giraffe named Abigail is so very proud of herself; she has learned to count.  She is going to count everything she sees.  She soon discovers that the butterflies, zebra stripes, leaves on a tree, and cheetah splotches keep moving.  She is discouraged until a butterfly takes her to a field of flowers where Abigail giggles happily.  Her animal friends want to count flowers as well so helpful Abigail teaches them all.  They count and count until night falls and they are puzzled.  How can we count when we have no light?  The beautiful ending will make you smile.

In Catherine Rayner’s true style the illustrations alone will keep you entertained. The book is also great for a young child learning to count, just a fun book to share.



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November 13, 2013
by Mike Twohy

by Mike Twohy

It’s a dark night as fox’s dinner awaits him in the hen house.  His plan is foiled as guard dogs chase him, but to his delight he grabbed a chicken just in time.  At last, a chicken dinner but to his surprise he pulls out a duck.  The duck realizes he is literally in hot water and is determined to prove he is not a duck.  This humorous book, Outfoxed had me laughing out loud as this duck sniffs fox’s leg, slobbers on fox’s coat and face, wags his tail, tries to look adorable, tries to bark like a dog, pees on the carpet and even chews up everything he can find.  Will this clever duck outwit the fox?  The clever ending in this book will make you smile.

A humorous book to enjoy and I am sure a lot of parents and children will enjoy this clever duck.

Reviewed by: Beverly @ Davis


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Circles of Round

October 21, 2013

by Signe Sturup

Circles of Round, a unique book about shapes and self-esteem that young readers as well as parents will enjoy.  The town of Round begins our shape story and these circles are quite content with life as they roll along.  A persistent triangle, an intruder, enters there town determined to introduce a corner transformer.  Content as these circles may be they soon grasp this new idea and turn into an assortment of angles.  This new angular lifestyle was not the life they expected and quickly learned an important lesson about themselves.

A creative book to enjoy with young readers one on one or in a group setting.

Reviewed by:  Beverly (Davis)


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The Princess and the Peas

September 18, 2013

“A funny tale for royally fussy eaters everywhere” (cover of book)

This humorous fairy tale book, The Princess and the Peas, is a modern version of the classic fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea.  This rhyming story is about Lily-Rose May, a perfect little girl until her father decided she needed to eat peas. Lily – Rose May was not only unable to eat peas but when she did all sort of strange happenings occurred.  The doctor quickly arrived and he unfolded a that that day of a princess who could not tolerate peas.  Lily-Rose May fate was sealed, she was a princess.  A beautiful palace awaited her and her new life was quite grand.  Her every wish was granted until it was time for dinner.  The food placed before her was even worse than peas.  The glamour of being a princess quickly faded as her life became filled with obligations and having to eat food worse than peas was more than she could bear.  She missed her life with her father and happily returned to being just Lily-Rose May, not a princess.

This version of the Princess and the Pea was not only fun to read but the illustrations were great.  A book to be enjoyed one on one or in a group setting.

Reviewed by:  Beverly (Davis Library)

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The Watermelon Seed

July 25, 2013


The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli

Crocodile LOVES watermelon, he could eat watermelon for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.  In fact, Crocodile has loved watermelon ever since he was tiny.  One day while he was thoroughly enjoying his watermelon, he swallowed a seed.  He froze with fear and his mind begins to imagine the worst.  Will a watermelon vine grow out of my body?  Will I turn as pink as a watermelon?  He vows to never ever eat it again; or will he?

When I read The Watermelon Seed  I smiled and laughed out loud with the simple text and great illustrations.  I can certainly remember eating a watermelon seed as a child and being told a watermelon would certainly grow out of my stomach.  This book brought back some fun memories and is easy to enjoy one on one or in a group setting.

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Doggone Feet!

June 21, 2013

By: Leslie Helakoski

Have you ever wondered what a dog’s view of his surrounding might be?  Think about it, Doggone Feet!  In this silly story we enter dog’s life and find out just what legs and feet mean to him. Dog has discovered that one set of legs and feet aren’t so bad but life gets hectic when more and more legs and feet join the family.  You see, each pair of legs and feet are different and sometimes they can make dog’s life pretty miserable.  They can also make life a rewarding experience as well.  There is nothing like licking sticky fingers or having your back scratched with toes.  The best reward is when food is dropped on the floor and eating a napkin or two every now and then helps his home look neat and clean.  Dog adapts to all these new feet extremely well but the biggest change and the best set of feet are portrayed on the last page of the book.  These feet are his favorite!

A fun book to enjoy with your little one.  I have never thought about looking at life from a dog’s perspective, what a great idea this author had.


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