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October 22, 2014

wednesdayAn educational and clever book for young readers written by Anne Bertier called Wednesday.   We meet Little Round and Big Square who get together every Wednesday to play their favorite game, turning into different objects.  They change into butterflies, flowers and mushrooms until Big Square begins to show off.   The nerve of Big Square to turn himself into objects that I cannot create  thought Little Round.  He became quite angry.  Big Square and Little Round decided to work together and create an array of shapes they both could enjoy until they both become hungry.  You’ll never guess what their new favorite shape was,  an ice cream cone, yum, yum.

With simple primary colors and different shapes this book can be enjoyed by young children everywhere.  You will enjoy watching all the unique shapes that Big Square and Little Round create as well as guessing what shapes they are using.  This book also gives a parent or caregiver an opportunity to discuss friendship, anger and jealousy with your child.  The beginning steps in learning to accept the differences in each other as well as finding a solution to your problem.

Bev (Davis)

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This Orq. (He cave boy.)

October 21, 2014


This Orq. (He Cave Boy.)  by David Elliott, illustrated by Lori Nichols

Meet Orq.  He cave boy.  Meet Woma.  He woolly mammoth.  Orq *love* Woma.  But when Orq decides to keep Woma as a new pet, his mother has a few complaints, not the least of which is the (literally) mammoth-sized dung heaps Woma leaves inside cave-sweet-cave.  What’s a cave boy to do?

But never fear.  Like many impractical pets, Woma proves her worth when she gets Orq out of a spot of danger involving a hungry sabertooth tiger.  Orq’s mother invites Woma back into the family and they all live happily ever after…almost.

Pair this book with any of a number of picture books about impractical or strange pets, and get your little one laughing.  See below for a list of great titles to get you started.


children phil cecil

Children Make Terrible Pets by Peter Brown
Hiding Phil by Eric Barclay
Cecil the Pet Glacier by Matthea Harvey

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Color Mixing Fun!

October 14, 2014

Mix It Up by Herve Tullet is a wonderfully interactive picture book, and a fun introduction to colors and color mixing.  Directed to tap here and rub there, readers and listeners mix the colors on the pages of this book.  With its generous white space and splotches of paint color, the reader is invited to “with one finger take a little bit of the blue…and just touch the yellow.  Rub it…gently…”

And with a page turn, “see?” the reader sees the splotch of green that they’ve made!

Herve Tullet gave new meaning to an interactive picture book with Press Here, and this title follows in that same vein.

A delightfully fun reading experience that hopefully leads to some actual play with paints and colors!

Read the book, get some finger paints…and MIX IT UP!

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The Lion and the Bird

October 9, 2014

lionThe Lion and the Bird

By Marianne Dubuc

One day while working in his garden, Lion hears a sound. Finding a hurt bird, he takes the little creature into his house to help nurse it back to health. Since the bird’s friends have continued to fly south for the winter, Lion lets him stay. They do everything together during the winter. They read books together, have dinner together, go ice fishing and sledding together. When spring comes, Lion is sad to see his dear friend go. He spends all summer alone, but gets a special surprise when fall comes again.

This is a sweet story with soft, color-pencil illustrations. The text is simple and limited, making it a great choice for young readers. Though the bird never speaks, Lion always knows what he’s trying to say. Your little ones will love these adorable friends.

Recommended reading for ages: 4-7

Nicki P.

Schimelpfenig Library

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The Monkey Goes Bananas

September 30, 2014

Monkey Goes BananasThe Monkey Goes Bananas

By: C. P. Bloom

Illustrated by Peter Raymundo

There are a number of books with a limited use of words. With just eleven different words (twelve if you include ‘the’), this book will take you on a flip-book type journey with a resourceful monkey. The Monkey Goes Bananas uses simple text and extremely animated and fun pictures to tell the story of a monkey who wants the bananas from a nearby island. The only thing stopping him is a big span of water and a SHARK!!!

This is a great book for an interactive story time with your little ones. Have them tell you the story using the pictures, or try to say each of the eleven different words with a crazy voice. This story will have your kids giggling and begging to read it again!

Recommended for ages: 3-7

Nicki P.

Schimelpfenig Library

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A Mountain of Friends

September 16, 2014

by Kerstin Schoene

If a book can be called adorable I would have to vote for this one, A Mountain of Friends.  Kerstin Schoene both author and illustrator has created a heart-warming book about friendship, sharing and kindness.  A young penguin is sad because even though he is a bird he is faced with an insurmountable problem, he can’t fly.  You can’t help but smile as the animals work together to make this penguin happy.  The animal’s personalities are reflected in the illustrations as you feel the love and warmth they have for their friend, penguin.  Your child will enjoy some of the unique pages in this book as the penguin is able to reach the top of his world.  A must read for ages Pre – K through seond grade.

Beverly (Davis)


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Chu’s First Day of School

September 11, 2014

Chu's firstChu is back in Chu’s First Day of School by Neil Gaiman and Adam Rex.  In the first book featuring the lovable panda bear, readers got a surprise when they found out about Chu’s explosive sneezes.

In this second title, Chu is nervous about going to school.  When he gets there and all the animals take turns introducing themselves and sharing something they love to do, there’s a surprise in store for his fellow classmates, as Chu can’t help but demonstrate what he loves to do.  The expressions on his classmates’ faces tell Chu everything is going to be all right.

The concerns of Chu will resonate with young children, and readers will find humor in the facial expressions throughout the book and of course, in Chu!

For more books, check out our Starting School list.

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Puddle Pug

September 10, 2014

indexPuddle Pug

By Kim Norman

Illustrated by Keika Yamaguchi

Percy the pug loves all kinds of puddles. In his search to find the perfect puddle for splashing, he makes a map of all the swamp puddles, the stomp puddles, and even the ready-for-a-romp puddles. He tries froggy puddles, and foggy puddles, and deeper-than-a-doggy puddles. When he finds just the perfect puddle, it’s already occupied by mama pig and her little piglets!

Percy tries everything to get in mama’s good graces, but it takes a big storm and one smart doggy to earn a chance to stay in the best puddle of all. This is an adorable story with fun illustrations. Percy’s expression are simply perfect as he enjoys all the different kinds of puddles. With rhyming text, it’s a great read-aloud story for your little ones.

Recommended for ages 3-6.

Nicole P. (Schimelpfenig)

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Big Bad Bubble

August 29, 2014

91hq9dD81oL[1]Big Bad Bubble

by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri

Did you think that bubbles just disappear when they pop?  Oh, no.  When a bubble pops here, it reappears in La La Land!  Unfortunately, thanks to Mogo, all the monsters in La La Land are absolutely TERRIFIED of bubbles.  Bubbles are sneaky!  They travel in packs!  And in summer they go into a frenzy!

Finally, with some coaxing, the monsters will discover that just maybe bubbles aren’t so scary after all.  Now, butterflies, on the other hand…

Join the silly monsters in La La Land for a hilarious bubble adventure with the winning team of Rubin and Salmieri. And if you like this book, be sure to check out some of their others, like Dragons Love Tacos and Those Darn Squirrels!

Reviewed by: Lara (Haggard Library)

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I Spy series by Edward Gibbs

August 19, 2014

Instead of just picking one of his I Spy books to review I thought I would brag about all of this series.  These books, just in case you haven’t seen them are great.  The titles are I Spy with my Little Eye, I Spy Under the Sea, I Spy on the Farm, and I Spy Pets.  You will enjoy beautiful illustrations that are colorful and large that will capture a young child’s attention.  The content is simple but with the use of color, animals sounds and letters of the alphabet they present an early literacy tool for every parent or caregiver.  The addition of peep holes throughout the book just add to the excitement as a child eagerly awaits to see the hidden surprise waiting for them.   The books in this series are large enough to be enjoyed by a large groups of children as well as a special bonding time with your child.  Of course when I discovered these books I couldn’t wait to read them to a groups of toddlers or a younger audience as well.

The first book I discovered in this series caught my eye immediately.  I shared it with a group of toddlers and I received many requests for this title as well as others in this series.  If you want some books that your child will eagerly want to hear over and over again this series maybe just what you are looking for.



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