A Lady has the Floor

A Lady Has the Floor

By:  Kate Hannigan

Readers may not heard of Belva Lockwood, but they will enjoy learning all about her in A Lady Has the Floor by Kate Hannigan.  This is an excellent biography about a pioneer in the women’s movement who campaigned for equal pay, and equal opportunities for women.  She was one of the first female lawyers in the country even though law schools were not open to women.  She had to be persistent.   After practicing law for years she became the first female lawyer to argue (and win) a case before the Supreme Court.  She was truly a trailblazer and someone for young girls to look up to.


The illustrations will look familiar for fans of Alison Jay.  She has a unique style with a crackle varnish which adds to the historical quality of the biography.

Renee (Parr)

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