App Time: Dinosaurs


Developed by:

Price: $1.99

Available in the Apple App Store

This interactive book app engages your child’s sense of humor. Available in English and Spanish, the app provides narration your child can follow along with, or the option to read by themselves. It also features 23 pages with interactive elements to engage your child in the story. Much like books, book apps also encourage print motivation, one of the key early literacy skills.

Imaginative stories like Dino-Store allow children to see the world in new ways. Encourage their development by posing your own open-ended “what if” questions.

Dino Tales Jr

Developed by:
Kuato Games

Price: $2.99

Available in the iTunes App Store

Explore a colorful and exciting world of dinosaur play on an island packed with puzzle play, storytelling and music. Children can play with 4 different baby dinosaurs and learn various dinosaur facts.

This app allows your child to turn their dinosaur adventures into mini movie masterpieces which they can narrate, and includes five interactive books they can draw inspiration from.

For more mobile-friendly fun, join us at the Davis Library for App Time

Wednesdays at 11:15 AM. App Time is a digital storytime for ages 3-6.

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