App Time: Shapes

Bubble Shapes

Developed by:
Building Blocks Media

Price: Free

Available in the Apple App Store

Knowledge and recognition of shapes is great for teach basic geometry and is also critical to early literacy because it helps children recognize shapes that letters are made of.

This app features 4 levels with varying degrees of difficulty in shapes. Children can learn the basics like squares and circles, or move on to ellipses, trapezoids, quatrefoils, hexagons, and more.

Dragon Shapes

Developed by:
Lighthouse Learning

Price: Free*

Available in the Apple App Store

Developer’s Description:

Solve math puzzles and unlock the legend. Four academic levels of difficulty introduce the story of legend of the dragon. Each level offers a structured sequence of geometric puzzles themed to characters from the story.

This app supports learners with problem solving and reasoning as they progress through puzzles. Children gain an intuitive sense for geometric relationships and boost their thinking skills at the same time.

*App contains in-app purchase to unlock all levels.


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