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Pussycat, Pussycat

November 26, 2015

Mies Van HoutOpening this new book by Mies Van Hout, Pussycat, Pussycat brings us back to some of our favorite nursery rhymes.  Along with enjoying these rhymes the whimsical and colorful illustrations drawn on a white background make each page full of life.  This book gives  family members an opportunity to spend special time with their children as they enjoy the rhyming words and share of their favority nursery rhymes.  An added bonus is a CD with all the songs performed by a mother and her daughter.  A lightly strumming guitar and sweet clear voices make you want to join in.

Nursery rhymes are wonderful to share with our young children.  They are a great early literacy tool as well since they are listening to rhyming words that enhance their vocabulary skills.  Enjoy this book with your children.

Reviewed by:  Bev (MMD)

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Get Out of My Bath

October 24, 2015

by Britta Teckentrup

Let’s enjoy bath time with Ellie the elephant.  In fact we are going to shake the book to make waves for Ellie, tilt the book to see what happens and Ellie is surprised when animals start jumping into her bath tub.  Let’s shake the book again to see if we can get the animals out of the tub.  What fun to not only read a book but to shake it, tilt it and be able to interact with your child at the same time.  Remember though Ellie is an elephant so you will also be amused on how she uses her skills to get the animals out of the tub and to enjoy a bath all by herself.

I enjoy Britta Teckentrup books and I can just add Get Out of My Bath to my list.  First of all the texture and artwork are amazing.  The shiny and glossy pages definitly give the impression of real water and you just have to touch each page.  The illustrations are large and colorful so pick it up and enjoy it.

Reviewed by:  Bev (Davis)


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Bear & Hare Go Fishing

September 25, 2015

Emily Gravitt

I have always enjoyed Emily Gravett’s books and I can add another one to the list, Bear & Hare Go Fishing.  The beautiful illustrations tell the story of a bear who loves to fish and a hare who goes along to do anything but fish.  As much as bear tries to fish he pulls up a hat, rollers skates and a frog.  Bear hopes have fallen and he is about to give up when much to hare’s surprise she catches the biggest fish of the day in the most unusual way.

Emily Gravett’s books are so creative and her illustrations just make me smile.  I appreciate the children’s book she has written and can only say, “Pick this one up and you won’t be sorry you did.”

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Pepper and Poe

August 14, 2015

Frann Preston – Gannon

Pepper has his very own cat bowl, a very comfy bed and toys he loves to play with.  There is also a dog that inhabits his space but he doesn’t bother Pepper and Pepper likes it that way.  Yes, life was perfect until one day a small kitten, Poe was brought into his life.  Did his owner really think this was a good idea?  What were they thinking?  Poe loved Pepper right from the start and wanted to be in his space every minute of every day.  Poe even got into all of treasured belongings and even though Pepper tried to hide that new little creature found him every time.  Each day seem to get worse and worse until Poe got himself into a mishap and looked to Pepper for guidance.  You will enjoy the outcome of this humorous story as you see who they blame it on and how Pepper learns to adapt to this new friend in his once perfect life.

Great illustrations and a simple easy book to enjoy with your little ones.  Pepper and Poe is an educational tool as well that parents can enjoy as they teach their little ones  about friendship, sharing and especially if there once perfect life is going to be shared by a new sister or brother.

Great book for toddlers and preschoolers.

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Goose Goes to School

July 29, 2015

by Laura Wall

In her follow up book to Goose, Goose Goes to School reminds me of a nursery rhyme we all might recall, “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.  I’m sure we can all remember how Mary’s little lamb was forbidden to go to school with Mary.  That sneaky little lamb did follow her to school which brings us to this new book, Goose Goes to School.  Even though Sophie’s mother forbids goose from going to school with her, Sophie hears unusual sounds while walking to school with her mother.  She keeps seeing little reminders of goose throughout the day and is sure she has spotted him several times.  Who should suddenly appear in her classroom while the teacher isn’t looking?  Who makes the children laugh and play?

Goose Goes to School is about friendship as well as a beloved pet.  You can reminisce about “Mary and Her Little Lamb” as well as enjoy reading about a goose that loves being with his special friend.  The illustrations are bright and colorful and just makes turning each page delightful.  This book can be enjoyed by your little ones as well as in a group situation.

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Touch the Brightest Star

June 24, 2015

by Christie Matheson

While looking at our new books I came across, “Touch the Brightest Star” by Christie Matheson.  She also wrote, “Tap the Magic Tree” and  illustrated both books.  The illustrations are beautifully blended watercolors that begin in the morning and drift into the night.  Each page pulls you into the book as you wave, press, blow, and pat, tap, count to three, swipe, blink, trace, rub, close your eyes, nod and touch the brightest star.  What a great book to interact with your children and let their imaginations soar on each and every page.

I enjoyed this book and even though I read it by myself I followed all the directions which made the book so much fun.  This book can be enjoyed by young children as well as older children.  The interaction that is required just pulls you into the magic of the book.

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Sleeping Cinderella and Other Princess Mix-ups

May 21, 2015

by Stephanie Clarkson

Most of us are familiar with these four princesses: Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.  Could we have ever imagined these fairy tales could change and we could read a new version? Well enjoy this mixed-up version of these princesses.  Snow White is fed up with her sloppy housemates and just wants peace and quiet.  What could be quieter than a lonely tower where Rapunzel lives?  Rapunzel who has endured a life of isolation can’t wait to meet people and party.  Cinderella exhausted from the demands of her stepmother and stepsisters can’t even imagine going to a ball. Who is willing to dance the night away, Rapunzel. Cinderella just wants to sleep and where does she find the sofest bed which happens to be occupied by Sleeping Beauty.  Sleeping Beauty awakenend by an accidental kiss is searching for an active life and becomes acquainted with the 7 dwarfs who are in desperate need of help.  Will these mixed-up princesses find happiness with their new lifestyles?

Sleeping Cinderella and Other Princesses is a book written in rhyme and the words seem to flow together and create a realistic fantasy that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Reviewed by: Bev (Davis)




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Hey Duck and Just a Duck!

April 16, 2015

I couldn’t resist writing about these two books written and illustrated by Carin Bramsen,  Hey Duck and Just a Duck! The  illustrations are large and  beautiful and so realistic you just want to reach out and touch each fuzzy animal.  Speaking of animals we meet duck and cat.  Duck is an extremely friendly fellow and he is sure he has found a new friend, another duck.  He keeps asking the duck why is tail is so long?  Why doesn’t he like to swim in water?  Why doesn’t he quack?  You might be able to guess that his new friend is a cat.  Cat gets quite annoyed at this pesky duck but eventually responds to duck, “My sense of ME has gone AMUCK!” and begins to quack just like duck.  They form a bond through this adventure and their friendship is sealed.


Just a Duck? the sequel begins with duck deciding to become a cat.  Even though both cat and duck realize he looks nothing like a cat, duck is sure he can grow into a cat. Duck tries to walk like a cat, meow like a cat and act like a cat so you can imagine how silly this  duck is portrayed.  With considerable regret, duck has to come to the realization that he is just a duck!.

I enjoyed reading both of these books and the interactions between the duck and cat were both hilarious and enjoyable to read about.  These are great books for for our youngsters to enjoy with their parents or in a group setting.  These two books just bring a smile to your face.

Beverly (Davis)

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Red: a crayon’s story

March 24, 2015


Enjoy another clever and educational book by Michael Hall.  What happens when you are considered to be a red crayon?  You even have a label on you that says  you are RED.  But whenever you are asked to create something that is red guess what color appears, BLUE!  Your crayon friends, parents and grandparents are all trying to understand you but even through encouragement they get a bit frustrated with you, the red crayon.  This labelled crayon that says RED never gives up and tries and tries to do what is expected of him.  Will he ever realize his true self, his true color?  Not let his label portray who his really is!

Michael Hall does a fabulous job with Red: a crayon’s story.  He develops such creativity within this book as he conveys an important lesson about life that many people young and old struggle with today.  The book gives parents and adults dealing with children the opportunity to discuss the importance of developing a sense of self and the effects of peer pressure.  The illustrations are fun, large and comical as each crayon is named according to their relationship with red crayon.  You will just have to pick up and read this book to appreciate the full impact of this delightful book.

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What Ship is Not a Ship?

February 24, 2015

by Harriet Ziefert

A new book in our library called What Ship is Not a Ship is a fun guessing game for you and your child.  We all take for granted certain words and their definitions.  What if you asked the question, what is a bear?  I assumed it was a large heavy animal with thick fur and sharp claws.  But what bear is not a bear?  What hat is not a hat and what pie is not a pie?  These are just a few of the questions throughout this book that make you think in a different way.  Why not challenge your child and find new vocabulary words as well as a new way to think outside the box.  I must admit I did not know the answer to what bear is not a bear?  When I turned the page a beautifully illustrated picture of a woolly bear was looking at me. The illustrations are large and colorful which adds to the enjoyment of the book as well as the answer to the question.  Some of the questions are fairly easy but a few of them will make you pause and think!

I enjoyed this book from the moment I picked it up.  It is great book for children ages 3 and up and can be enjoyed one on one or in a group situation.

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