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July 22, 2016

Many of us have enjoyed reading the classic Aesop’s fable, Hare and Tortoise.  Alison Murray has created a new version of this classic that is a delight to read.  Right from the start the reader is involved, we get to stop the Hare and  Tortoise and learn about their characteristics and personality traits.  The race begins as predicted with the energetic over-confident Hare and the ever steady Tortoise racing to see who will get to the finish line first.  There is no mystery to this fable since we are aware the Tortoise always wins the race with his diligence and patience.  We can, however, enjoy a bit of humor and creativity in every page with the colorful and large illustrations than are easy for children to interpret.

Review: Bev (Davis)

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Rain Fish

June 25, 2016

I have enjoyed so many of Lois Ehlert’s children’s books so when I saw her new book, Rain Fish, I couldn’t wait to take a peek.  Once again her creativity and inventive ideas transform this book into an art project that can be enjoyed by any parent or child.  By using recycled materials and clever rhyming words Lois Ehlert turns another book into a treasure to be enjoyed by everyone.

I’d give it:  5 stars


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The Very Cold, Freezing, No-Number Day

May 25, 2016

by Ashley N. Sorenson

If you’re looking for a book to help your child with their counting skills, you will love this new book.  The Very Cold, Freezing, No-Number Day.  Not only will this book keep your children’s attention, but your child can trace the numbers, blow on the numbers, count them and unfreeze them.  They will also learn about the different seasons, talk about colors and patterns.  What a great book to enjoy one on one with your little one or in a small group setting.  The clever illustrations just add to the qualtiy of this interactive and entertaining book.

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Beatrix Potter & the Unfortunate Tale of a Borrowed Guinea Pig

April 23, 2016

Deborah Hopkinson

When I discovered this new book in the library, Beatrix Potter & the Unfortunate Tale of a Borrowed Guinea Pig,  I couldn’t wait to read it. Beatrix Potter is a well-known and loved children’s book author and one of my favorites.  I’m sure we have all read some of her delightful tales and are quite aware of her love for animals.  Even as a small child, Beatrix and her brother enjoyed many different kind of pets.  She had frogs, salamanders, lizards, hedgehogs and newts just to name a few of her unusual pets and she loved to paint them.  So her request to paint her neighbor’s guinea pig was of no surprise to anyone.  Beatrix picked the prettiest guinea pig, Queen Elizabeth.   Beatrix was pleased with the guinea pig’s portrait but was summoned to a dinner party.  Little did she know that Queen Elizabeth was quite hungry and decided to munch on glue, string and paper while Beatrix was at dinner.  Devastated might be the word to use when Beatrix found Queen Elizabeth the next morning.  She had expired due to her previous evening’s meal.  Would Miss Nina Paget, her neighbor,  forgive her when Queen Elizabeth was brought back home?  A distressed Beatrix asked for forgiveness and also gave her the beautiful picture she had painted of Queen Elizabeth.

This noted author, Deborah Hopkinson has written a humorous and charming book about Beatrix that I’m sure you will enjoy.  The author has also added pictures and a small biography of Beatrix Potter in the back of the book along with a note to all readers:  “What would you have done in Miss Nina Paget’s shoes.  You many have been wise and kept the picture since Beatrix Potter became so famous that many of her pictures sold for thousands of pounds.”

On another note, the illustrations by Charlotte Voake capture your imagination and add to the charm of this delightful book.


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A Friend for Bo

March 25, 2016

by Elisabeth Zuniga

Bo the bunny was lonely and decided to look for a playmate.  After searching for quite a while he found a large white oval shape hidden in the grasses.  Bo was thrilled and decided his new friend should be called Rollie.  Rollie was an unusual friend, but never seemed to mind when playing dresss-up, reading stories, going on picnics or any new adventure.  Bo was concerned that Rollie never smiled so Bo helped him out.  An adventure in sailing proved to be a disaster when Rollie rolled onto the cookies and smashed them.  How was Bo to know that his new friend rolled around.  Also he would never share his bed with Bo so poor bunny had to sleep on the floor.  What was a bunny to do?  Suddenly Bo heard a cracking noise and his new friend turned into a total surprise.  Rollie was now a different kind of friend but someone who would always be a special friend for Bo.

A Friend for Bo is a great book that will introduce your children to what friendship is all about.  You will enjoy the illustrations just as much as you will enjoy reading the story with your children.



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January 16, 2016

Imagination is the key word for this new book by Hazel Hutchins.  Who doesn’t enjoy a brand new box of crayons and Evan just opened his box all shiny and new. He is coloring when Snap! his crayon breaks into two pieces.  Evan isn’t upset since his one crayon turned into two crayons.  What fun he can have with two crayons and when many of crayons Snap! he has doubles and even triples of different colored crayons.  With crayons galore Evan continues to color and  discovers that with tiny bits of crayons he can make furry spots.  When some of the crayons lose their wrappers Evan tries to  tape them and glue them.  Without wrappers he discovers that he can crayon sideways and surprising things begin to appear.  But Evan’s crayons are disappearing right before his very eyes?  Does Evan get upset, no, Evan uses his imagination once again and discovers a new adventure.

What a fun book to sit and enjoy with your little ones or even in a group situation.  I enjoyed reading a book about children using their imaginations to find new solutions to their problems as small as they might seem.

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Brave as can be: a book of courage

December 19, 2015

by Jo Witek

Along with Hello in there!:  a big sister’s book of waiting and In my heart:  a book of feelings we can enjoy another of Jo Witek books. Brave as can be: a book of courage is not only educational but is filled with whimsical, child like illustrations.  The peek a boo openings on each page just add to the enjoyment of the book and will engage children of all ages.  We are introduced to a young girl remembering her fears when she was small.  Fears that were as big as a mountain like storms, barking dogs, dark night and especially bad dreams.  She inspires us with her courage as she learns to combat these fears through singing, using her imaginations as well as learning to enjoy things that are a bit scary.  Her bravery in defeating her fears will provide an opportunity for parents or any adult to discuss this emotion and their child or children.  Jo Witek definitely has a talent in dealing with emotional issues and in helping us teach the younger generation.

Beverly (Davis)

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Pussycat, Pussycat

November 26, 2015

Mies Van HoutOpening this new book by Mies Van Hout, Pussycat, Pussycat brings us back to some of our favorite nursery rhymes.  Along with enjoying these rhymes the whimsical and colorful illustrations drawn on a white background make each page full of life.  This book gives  family members an opportunity to spend special time with their children as they enjoy the rhyming words and share of their favority nursery rhymes.  An added bonus is a CD with all the songs performed by a mother and her daughter.  A lightly strumming guitar and sweet clear voices make you want to join in.

Nursery rhymes are wonderful to share with our young children.  They are a great early literacy tool as well since they are listening to rhyming words that enhance their vocabulary skills.  Enjoy this book with your children.

Reviewed by:  Bev (MMD)

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Get Out of My Bath

October 24, 2015

by Britta Teckentrup

Let’s enjoy bath time with Ellie the elephant.  In fact we are going to shake the book to make waves for Ellie, tilt the book to see what happens and Ellie is surprised when animals start jumping into her bath tub.  Let’s shake the book again to see if we can get the animals out of the tub.  What fun to not only read a book but to shake it, tilt it and be able to interact with your child at the same time.  Remember though Ellie is an elephant so you will also be amused on how she uses her skills to get the animals out of the tub and to enjoy a bath all by herself.

I enjoy Britta Teckentrup books and I can just add Get Out of My Bath to my list.  First of all the texture and artwork are amazing.  The shiny and glossy pages definitly give the impression of real water and you just have to touch each page.  The illustrations are large and colorful so pick it up and enjoy it.

Reviewed by:  Bev (Davis)


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Bear & Hare Go Fishing

September 25, 2015

Emily Gravitt

I have always enjoyed Emily Gravett’s books and I can add another one to the list, Bear & Hare Go Fishing.  The beautiful illustrations tell the story of a bear who loves to fish and a hare who goes along to do anything but fish.  As much as bear tries to fish he pulls up a hat, rollers skates and a frog.  Bear hopes have fallen and he is about to give up when much to hare’s surprise she catches the biggest fish of the day in the most unusual way.

Emily Gravett’s books are so creative and her illustrations just make me smile.  I appreciate the children’s book she has written and can only say, “Pick this one up and you won’t be sorry you did.”

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