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Charlotte and Eddie Love Joyce Wan

May 17, 2016

Charlotte and Eddie really do love Joyce Wan:

Books by Joyce Wan

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Charlotte and Eddie: Opposites

April 13, 2016

In this episode, Charlotte and Eddie discuss The Hueys in What’s the Opposite? by Oliver Jeffers!

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Charlotte and Eddie: Dinosaurs

March 18, 2016

Charlotte and Eddie’s discussion of Dinosaur Kisses by David Ezra Stein is interrupted by a surprise guest! Watch the video to find out who!

Dinosaur Kisses by David Ezra Stein
Angry Birds Playground: Dinosaurs by Jill Esbaum

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Bedtime Books

February 18, 2016


I wanted to share a couple of great toddler bedtime books that I’ve been personally loving at home with my daughter. The first is Little Sleepyhead by Elizabeth McPike. This is a soothing book with soft illustrations that starts with baby’s toes and works its way all the way up to the eyes, helping relax their little bodies one part at a time. Another great aspect of this book is that it shows diverse families throughout and includes mom, dad, grandma and grandpa!



SomeonesSleepyThe other one is Someone’s Sleepy by Deborah Lee Rose. This one takes you through the bedtime routine, including bath time and teeth brushing, all while getting sleepier and sleepier. Finally, the little girl is all tucked in with her bear and bunny and dreaming away. The word “sleepy” is repeated on every page and has a bit of a hypnotizing quality. I actually made up a random tune to sing it to, and I think that makes it even more sleepy(although don’t ask me to sing it for anyone else)!

If you’re looking for relaxing toddler books to read before bed, I definitely recommend these two!

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Spot the Snail in the Garden and More Seeking Books

January 15, 2016

61YAEAwHGEL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Spot the Snail in the Garden
by Stella Maidment

Looking for some quiet fun? Do your kids love I Spy and other seek and find books? Then check out this series by Stella Maidment, including Spot the Snail in the Garden. The colorful and silly illustrations are fun to look at while children pour over them to find the elements that each page has hidden within. The pages also have other fun facts to learn from and one baby snail that you can find somewhere in every picture. If you like this one, try the others by Maidment, including Spot the Shark in the Ocean, Spot the Monkey in the Jungle and Spot the Dinosaur on the Island. Happy hunting!



spot-the-dino-spreadSpread from Spot the Dinosaur on the Island

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eBooks for Break!

December 24, 2015

We are closed today and tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t access our ebooks! Looking for something for the kids to read so you have a moment to clean up? Check our Overdrive Kids page! You can get there from Then navigate to “eBooks, eAudio & eMagazines.”



Then simply click on “Overdrive Kids.”


Done! You can even do a search for Christmas books!



Hope you’re having a good holiday. The libraries will reopen Saturday at 10am. See you then!

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Pom Pom Gets the Grumps

November 20, 2015

pom pom

Pom Pom Panda Gets the Grumps
by Sophy Henn

Uh oh. Pom Pom Panda wakes up on the wrong side of the bed! He immediately has the grumps. And it seems that the day just keeps getting worse and worse. No blankey, soggy cereal, bad hair day?!? Ugh! His bad day escalates at playtime at school where he does NOT want to play with anybody. But after finally going off on his friends, he starts to feel a little different.

This is a great book to start a conversation about bad moods. Sometimes they can start for no reason at all and just be reinforced by every little thing that goes wrong in your day. Sometimes… you just have THE GRUMPS! It’s a great term, and this book shows that it’s ok to get the grumps every once in a while. Eventually, they fade away and you are able to happily play with your friends again. It’s also important to understand that other people can get the grumps too, and you might have to give them some time and space to figure things out.

Plus, Pom Pom is adorable. The illustrations in this book really pop, and the expressions are easy to read. Love it!


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Melissa’s Octopus and Other Unsuitable Pets

October 22, 2015

melissa Melissa’s Octopus and Other Unsuitable Pets
by Charlotte Voake

This isn’t your average silly pet book. The pets in this book are truly ridiculous, but also completely awesome. An octopus is awfully messy, and warthog not at all polite. And a pet crocodile might be… well… dangerous.

This is a silly book to share and read aloud with fun illustrations and a bit of a surprise at the end.

You can also find a lesson from Charlotte Voake on how to draw your very own unsuitable pet online!


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Charlotte and Eddie’s Library Adventures Pilot

October 7, 2015

Charlotte and Eddie’s first Library Adventures video! In this episode, a special guest appears and Charlotte and Eddie show off their Halloween costumes. They are excited about all the Big Pumpkin puppet show performances at the Plano Public Libraries!

Big Pumpkin showings:
Davis Library: Tuesday, October 20 @ 11am
Wednesday, October 21 @ 11am &7pm
Saturday, October 31 @ 11am

Haggard Library: Wednesday, October 28 @ 11:15am
Saturday, October 31 @ 3pm

Parr Library: Friday, October 30 @ 11am

Schimelpfenig Library: Monday, October 26 @ 10:30am
Tuesday, October 27 @ 10:30am

There is also a Spooky Fun program at Schimelpfenig Library on October 24 @ 3pm with spooky stories and a feely fun house!

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September 30, 2015

Watch as Miss Ramarie and Wren demonstrate the “Pat-a-Cake” rhyme that we use in our Babes in Arms storytimes at the Davis and Haggard Libraries, which is suitable for pre-walkers 0-9 months old. Try this rhyme at home and then come to Babes in Arms to learn more!


Babes in Arms times for fall 2015:
Davis – Tuesdays at 10am
Haggard – Wednesdays at 9:30am

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