Baby Sign Time


Why sign?

Babies develop motor skills before they develop the ability to speak. Teaching your baby sign language opens the door to communication, leading to more fun and less frustration! Join us as we teach you basic signs you can use with your child in everyday life.

View our posts here on the Kid’sBrain blog in the “baby sign language” category or check out our Baby Sign Time video playlist on YouTube.


We also use baby sign language in our Babes in Arms and Rhyme Time storytimes:

     Babes in Arms – rhymes, music, movement, and sign language for children aged 0-9 months.

     Rhyme Time – songs, nursery rhymes, books, and sign language for children aged 0-24 months.

For details on our storytime schedule and locations, click on the Find a Storytime tab above.


Happy signing, and we’ll see you in storytime!

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