Be Quiet!

Be Quiet!

By:  Ryan T. Higgins


Ryan Higgins (author of Mother Bruce) has done it again with this hilarious picture book.  Rupert the Mouse wants to create a wordless picture book because they are very “artistic”.  It sounds like a simple idea, but then things start to go horribly wrong.  His two talkative sidekicks have trouble with the wordless idea.  They only want to be helpful, but they quickly fill up Rupert’s wordless picture books with silly words.  The conversations between the mice will give children the giggles.

The illustrations work as well as the words with bright, bold colors and a large, handwritten font with speech bubbles.  This story would work well as a story-time read aloud or as a story shared one-on one.  It’s sure to be a big hit.

Renee (Parr)

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