Belle’s Journey


Belle’s Journey

By:  Rob Bierregaard

Animal lovers will enjoy this engaging introduction to ospreys.  Author, Dr. Rob Bierregaard, has studied ospreys in New England since 1971.  This narrative non-fiction story follows a young osprey named Belle on her 4,000 mile migration from Massachusetts to South America.  Dr. B fastened a radio transmitter (worn like a backpack) to Belle when she was a young chick so he could track her movements.  The transmitter sends information to him every three days about her travels.  He can tell where she’s been and how long it took her to get there.  Her journey begins in Martha’s Vineyard and takes her through the Bahamas, Cuba, and the Caribbean Sea.  She finally reaches her destination in Brazil after a hurricane blows her off course.  The illustrations, done in watercolor and ink by Kate Garchinsky, capture the excitement of Belle’s adventure.  There are two photographs of the real Belle at the end of the book for curious readers.  This engrossing non-fiction book will capture reader’s interest.

Renee (Parr)

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