Blue Ethel

Blue Ethel

By Jennifer Black Reinhardt

“It wasn’t easy being Ethel, but she was good at it.”

Blue Ethel is the lighthearted story of a charming, white cat named Ethel. She is quite set in her ways and daily routine, until one day after inadvertently rolling in some chalk, she turned blue.

At first, no-nonsense Ethel is forlorn about her color change, until a fellow white cat named Fluffy is inspired to roll in the chalk as well and turn pink. Ethel then includes her new friend Fluffy into her regular routine, and the two change colors to their heart’s content, eventually inspiring other neighborhood cats to do the same.

This book features adorably quirky illustrations of cats of all different sizes and breeds. The heroine Ethel herself is arguably the cutest of all, with her rosy cheeks and round belly. The pages offer visual juxtaposition too: some are mostly stark white with a couple frames of Ethel, while others have every square inch covered in colorful art.

The tale argues that, despite the common saying, you can teach an old dog (or cat!) new tricks. Ethel is able to change her perspective and open her mind to the idea of new colors and friends. This is a fun read for cat lovers of all ages.


Kailey Warren

Davis Library

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