Breathe Like a Bear

Breathe Like a Bear


by Kira Willey

Have you heard of mindfulness meditation?  From some corners, it can sound rather highbrow.  From other corners, it sounds trendy.  From still others it might even sound spiritual.  From any corner, it sounds complicated, time consuming, and definitely too abstract for children.  Right?  Well, Kira Willey’s book proves all of these descriptions wrong.  The book has five sections: Be Calm, Focus, Imagine, Make Some Energy and Relax.  Each section has several easy breathing and/or movement exercises to do.  I tried the Be Calm “Hot Chocolate” exercise (without thinking too much about the whole “mindfulness thing”).  I really got into it.  I closed my eyes and imagined I was blowing into a cup of hot chocolate and then taking a sip.  Wow, did I ever feel calm afterwards!  I recommend trying the “Hot Chocolate” -or any exercise – for yourself, I mean really try it. And then, check out this fun and easy book.  Exercises suitable for preschool to middle school to adult.  Older children can follow this book on their own.  Excellent for classrooms, home school, scouts and sports groups. (Bonus: provides good tools for children experiencing anxiousness).

Nicole (Haggard)

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