Connect the Dots Game for Kids

Dot-to-dot games may seem simple, but these games are a great way for your child to learn.  The concept is simple – kids look for the next letter or number in a sequence to complete a picture.  That simple action helps build the eye tracking muscles that we use for reading.  Looking at the sequences helps build letter and number recognition.  And, the action of tracing the path builds hand-eye coordination, and encourages writing skills.  Take connect the dot activities on the go with the Connect the Dots Game for Kids by Innovative Mobile Apps!

Connect the Dots Games for Kids by Innovative Mobile Apps

Ages:  4+ (made for ages 5 and under)

Requires:  iOS 6.0 or later

Compatibility:  iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Connect the Dots Game for Kids is a tracing app that helps kids get comfortable with number and letter recognition, as well as sequencing.  The app includes a library of over 100 puzzles, but only about half of them are available for free.  The free download gives you access to the Farm, Instruments, and Objects collections.  Additional puzzles for On the Go, Toys, and Zoo are available for 99 cents each.

Each puzzle collection includes images based on the theme.  Children will follow the dots to create a picture.  You have the option of either tapping the next dot in the sequence, or dragging the icon to complete the image.  Narration throughout says the number or letter, and at the end, the image includes a vocabulary word that is also spoken.  Puzzles alternate between lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and numbers for their sequences.  There is no way to skip a puzzle in the section, though.  If you are returning to a category, you will have the option of either picking up where you left off or restarting the category.

The app settings are accessible through a parental gate.  This can be challenging to get into – it requires a three-finger tap, but the app is highly sensitive and it sometimes takes several tries to get in.  Within the settings, almost all of the options can be adjusted.  You can choose to turn the voices on or off, choose whether to progress by tapping or just dragging, and choose the types of dots that will be used.  You can customize these features as your child’s skills increase, so that they app is challenging without being too frustrating.

Dot-to-dot games are great for playing offline, too!  You can print off all kinds of pages from the internet.  With older children, why not try making your own dot-to-dot pictures?  Jamie at Hands On As We Grow includes step-by-step instructions for making your own dot-to-dot pages by tracing images.  This is a great activity for talking about how lines make up shapes, and it also teaches problem-solving skills if your pictures don’t turn out like you want.  Or, if you’re looking for something besides worksheets, try one of these 11 connect the dots activities that use the same concepts.

For more app recommendations and examples, be sure to join us for App Time at 11:15 Tuesday mornings at Parr Library or at 11:15 Wednesday mornings at Davis Library.  Check out our Engage brochure online or in any library to see all of our great programs!

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