Dive In!

Image result for dive in by recess monkeyDive In!

A Topsy-Turvy-Say-It-Out-Loud Underwater Adventure

Written By Recess Monkey

Illustrated By Rob McClurkan


Sir Sebastian Stockingbottomham, the famous undersea explorer (of course, who else would have such a name), is ready for an adventure. An undersea adventure. He first meets an unwilling to adventure blob-fish. Sir Sebastian Stockingbottomham knows this is the adventure of a lifetime for both him and Burt the Blob-fish. He tickles him, he pushes, he rolls him, and then Burt disappears. Oh what, fun it is to go looking for your hiding friend. Oh, no he’s stuck to a crab. But wait… Burt and his new friend have an idea. They shake up the adventure, they tickle Sir Sebastian, they give him a “little nudge” and then blow him right out of the water. What an awesome adventure.

The story itself is so much fun, but wait there is more. In this book, the kids adventure along with them. The story is written by the children’s musical group Recess Monkey and true to their style, this book is fun, fun, fun. The kids will help the story by repeating phrases while sounding like you are under water, by tickling the characters and the book tilts and flips to help the story line. This is one of those books that is not only fun and funny, but engages a child and gets them excited about reading. A+++ from me.

Recommended ages 3-7

Ashley (Davis Library)


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