Football Teams By The Numbers

Football Teams by the Numbers


By Nicki Clausen Grace and Jeff Grace

World Book recommends this book for the 3rd to 5th grade reading level.  However, I would also recommend this book as a picture book read-aloud for younger football fans.  Many of the pages contain full page photographs with a clear subject and action that tiny fans can recognize and talk about.  Clear pictures of jerseys and/or helmets can help younger fans learn team identification.  The book explains, in simple terms, concepts such as: “perfect season”, “leading the league in points” and “why the Redskins are the most valuable team”.  The book also introduces new football vocabulary such as: “first down” and “opponents”.  For younger fans, I would recommend reading the book yourself first, concentrating only on the pages with large pictures, and deciding whether to read all of the text for that page or just a sentence or two.


Nicole (Haggard)

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