Fuddles and Puddles

Fuddles and Puddles

By Frans Vischer

“ ‘Uh oh,’ Fuddles worried. ‘Was this his ninth and final life?!’”

The latest book in Frans Vischer’s “Fuddles” series is Fuddles and Puddles, and as always stars Fuddles, everyone’s favorite pampered cat. His world is rocked by the arrival of Puddles, a small dog suddenly adopted into the family. Fuddles finds the new pet irritating to say the least, and finally snaps on him when Puddles makes the mistake of eating some of Fuddles’s food.

Their relationship is strained for the next few weeks, until a fall onto the other side of the fence puts Fuddles in danger. To his surprise it is Puddles who rescues him from the neighbor’s dog, and the two mend their friendship.

Vischer’s book is a great choice for a summer story time. There is a satisfying happy ending and it extends the message that first impressions do not always tell the full story. His art is colorful, expressive and attractive, and makes use of the full page more often than not. I highly recommend this new installment in the Fuddles series.

Plano Public Library has five copies in the system.

Kailey Warren

Davis Library

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