Hazy Bloom and the Pet Project

Hazy Bloom and the Pet Project

By:  Jennifer Hamburg

Spunky third grader, Hazel (“Hazy”) Bloom, wants a pet iguana more than anything in the world.  Hazy has a secret power and she can see what will happen tomorrow.    When she sees an iguana in her visions, she just knows that she will soon get her cherished pet.  What she doesn’t want is to be in charge of is Pet Day, the class FUNdraiser, but that is just what her teacher asks her to coordinate.  Her best friend, Elizabeth, tells Hazy that this is the perfect opportunity to show her parents that she is responsible.  If she does a good job with the fundraiser, they will let her get a pet.  The story is told in Hazy’s spunky, hilarious voice.  The charming illustrations add to the humor in the story.

Renee (Parr)

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