Humphrey’s Big Birthday Bash

Humphrey’s Big Birthday Bash

By:  Betty G. Birney

I thoroughly enjoyed the latest installment in the Humphrey’s Tiny Tales series by Betty Birney.  Humphrey the hamster is the favorite class pet in Room 26.  He loves when the kids in the classroom get to celebrate their birthdays.  Each of their birthdays are listed on paper cupcakes that line the classroom.  After Kirk invites everyone to his house for a backwards birthday bash, a classmate notices that they never celebrate birthdays for Mrs. Brisbane, Humphrey and Og (the class frog).  When everyone in class starts whispering Humphrey guesses that the class is planning a surprise party for Mrs. Brisbane.However, when Friday comes, Humphrey learns that the surprise is for him and Og instead.  What a great surprise!


These chapter books are filled with sweet illustrations and are perfect for emergent readers.


Renee (Parr)

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