Library Make: Story Stones (Literacy DIY)

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Can we turn your child’s closet clutter into a literacy craft?  You bet we can!

Does your child like to bring home rocks as “souvenirs”?  Those smooth river rocks they love to carry in from nature walks – they’re lovely to hold a feel, but they can quickly become forgotten in your child’s closet.  It’s time to pull out the clutter!  This craft, story stones, uses smooth river rocks and scraps from old magazines and books to create a fun storytelling game.  Storytelling is a great pre-literacy to practice with your child; it builds narrative skills, which teaches your child the structure of sentences and stories, as well as encourages them to expand their vocabulary.

This game will be such silly storytelling fun, you might find other family members wanting to join in!  Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to make your own story stones and ways to play one-on-one or in a group.  You can also read the instructions with these printable instruction sheets.

Printable instructions, templates and rhyme card here.

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