Lily and Bear Grumpy Feet

Lily and Bear Grumpy Feet

By:  Lisa Stubbs

Lily’s friend Bear steps out of her drawing to help chase away her bad mood.  Lily’s day was too rainy, the teapot was too dribbly, and the sunshine color was missing.  Even drawing doesn’t make Lily feel better.  Bear declares that she has grumpy feet and he goes about trying to cheer her up.  Bear offers Lily happy shoes and sticky cake, but that doesn’t seem to help her mood.

Bear decides that they need to go on a journey together.  They travel to a place that glows all comfy, not frumpy and bumpy.  If he succeeds in cheering Lily up, her feet might tap, wiggle, giggle, and jump.

Lisa Stubbs is both author and illustrator.  Her vibrant illustrations have a crayon-y look and imitate a child’s drawings.  This is the perfect book to chase the blues away!

Renee (Parr Library)


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