Many: The Diversity of Life on Earth

Many:  The Diversity of Life on Earth

Nicola Davies

I was drawn to this new book because of the beautiful watercolor illustrations of plants and animals on the front cover.  “How many different kinds of living things are there on our planet?”  The answer is “Many!”  Readers will learn about the rich diversity of life on Earth, its interconnectedness, and man’s role in caring for the many species of plants and animals.  A young red haired girl is shown with a notebook and binoculars observing the recording notes.  She represents the young readers of the book.  Several double page spreads resemble field guides with labeled plants and animals.  The zoologist author, Ms. Davis, presents complicated subject matter such as ecosystems, food webs, and species extinction in a way that children can understand.


Renee (Parr Library)

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