Marty Frye Private Eye

Marty Frye Private Eye

By:  Janet Tashjian

Marty Frye is an amateur detective who loves poetry.  He makes up rhymes as he solves crimes.  In Book 1 of the Marty Frye series, Marty solves three mysteries.  First Marty helps track down his friend Emma’s diary.  Next, Marty helps Mr. Lipsky, the toy store manager; find a missing box of Action Chuck figures.  Finally, Marty helps his little sister find her missing bag of flour.


This transitional chapter book will help young readers build their confidence as they move from early readers to chapter books.  Character development is minimal in this plot-driven tale.  The mysteries are satisfying, but simple enough for kids to solve along with Marty.  Cartoon-like illustrations add to the fun of this chapter book series.


Renee (Parr Library)


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