Me and Marvin Gardens

Me and Marvin Gardens

By:  Amy Sarig King

Eleven-year-old Obe Devlin lives in a Pennsylvania farmhouse that has been in his family for 100 years.  Unfortunately, his great-great-grandfather sold a lot of the land surrounding the house years ago and now most of the land is being developed into subdivisions which Obe is not happy about.  He always enjoyed exploring the land and creek by his farm.  One day Obe discovers an animal in the creek near his house.  He names the strange animal Marvin Gardens after the property on the Monopoly board.  Marvin Gardens is quite unusual and resembles a cross between a dog and a wild boar.  The most remarkable thing about him is that he eats only one thing – plastic!  Obe thinks Marvin might be the solution to the world’s plastic pollution problem.  Obe keeps his discovery a secret and even becomes good friends with Marvin.  However, when other kids discover the animal, Obe worries about Marvin’s safety.  He decides to confide in his teacher who gets help for the animal.

This heartfelt middle grade novel touches on tough topics such as bullying and lost friendships and will appeal to those who care about protecting our planet.


Renee (Parr)

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