Monsters Love Colors

Monsters Love Colors

by Mike Austin

Monsters Love Colors Cover

Did you know that monsters LOVE colors? Indeed they do, and these silly monsters are having a blast in this adorable new picture book!  They “love to scribble, scribble, mix, dance and wiggle!”

Our lively and energetic monster friends each have a favorite color, and use engaging rhyming words to tell us why it is special to them. They also make new hues for their gray monster friends, because “monsters love to make new colors!”  Who knew?

Author/illustrator Mike Austin introduces primary colors and color blending in a fun and creative way. The monsters are super cute and the vibrant colors used in the illustrations seem to dance across each page.  Learning colors is super exciting in this delightful book.  This is a fun and educational choice to introduce to your little ones.  Happy reading!

 Melanie (Parr Library)

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