My Dog Laughs

My Dog Laughs

By:  Rachel Isadora

I love, love, love dogs!  So naturally I wanted to read MY DOG LAUGHS by Rachel Isadora when it arrived at the library.  Rather than using a traditional story line, the author divides the book into sections like (Meeting my dog, training my dog, playing with my dog, etc.).  Children are shown interacting with their dogs and the child acts as narrator in scenes.  “My dog likes to lick,” says one child.  “Sometimes my dog sleeps in my bed,” says another child.  Some of the interactions are humorous.  “My dog follows me everywhere…even into the bathroom!”  The dogs in the illustrations come in all shapes and sizes, but each of them are filled with expression.  Readers of this book will want to rush out and get a puppy after they finish reading.

Renee (Parr)

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