Please Please the Bees


Please Please the Bees

By:  Gerald Kelley

I love bees!  They pollinate plants to help grow the fruits and vegetables we love.  If you love bees as much as I do, you will want to read PLEASE PLEASE THE BEES by Gerald Kelly.

Benedict the bear has a very sweet life.  He enjoys eating three jars of honey each day that are left on his front doorstep by the bees.  However, one day he goes to his front porch and the honey jars are empty.  It turns out that the bees have gone on strike.  They are tired of being unappreciated.  It is up to Benedict to listen to the bees and meet their demands.  He realizes there is a lot more he can be doing to help them.

This book has lots of facts about honeybees and tips for how we can all help them.  It is a wonderful book for parents and kids to read together.

Renee (Parr)


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