That’s Mine!


by Michel Van Zeveren

Be careful what you wish for is the main theme of this book.  A frog happens upon an egg in the jungle.  He soon declares “That’s Mine!” Soon a slippery snake slithers down and also declares, “that’s mine!”  An eagle flies in to claim ownership as well as a lizard. Who will keep the egg?  As an elephant comes lumbering along in a grumpy state and they all deny ownership until elephant settles who shall have the egg, the frog. When the egg hatches you can only laugh out loud as you imagine this frog hopping madly away.

This would be a fun book to enjoy with your little one or ones.  It not only teaches a great lesson but the illustrations as well as the simple text just add to the enjoyment of the book.



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One Response to “That’s Mine!”

  1. jacqulineb Says:

    This seems like a great book to read to my 2 year old who says “mine” a lot right now!

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