The Day You Begin

The Day You Begin

By:  Jacqueline Woodson

This gorgeous picture book should be shared with every child.  Children overcome feeling different from their peers in this inclusive story.  One young girl stays home over the summer to care for her sister while her classmates tell the class about their wonderful vacations.  A young boy from another country finds that he speaks a different language than the other children.  Another girl brings her lunch and others find it strange.  All of the children feel very alone until they begin to share their story with others and discover what they have in common.  “The world opens itself up a little wider/to make some space for you.”  The shifting colors of the illustrations by Rafael Lopez show the character’s loneliness that shifts to jewel-toned colors when the characters feel hope.  The illustrator’s use of a ruler for a door, a table, and a tree is a metaphor for showing how the children measure up.


Jacqueline Woodson is a masterful story teller and this story shines with her brilliance!  Share it with all the children in your life.


Renee (Parr)

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