The Forever Garden

The Forever Garden

By:  Laurel Snyder and Samantha Cotterill

A friendship blossoms as a garden grows.  Young Laurel enjoys watching her elderly neighbor, Honey, tend to her garden throughout the seasons.  She watches her cover her plants in the cold, train the peas to climb a trellis, and sing to her kale plants.  Honey shares fruits, vegetables, and eggs with Laurel and her family.  They even enjoy picnics in Honey’s garden and watch the fireflies together.  One day a “for sale” sign appears in Honey’s yard.  Laurel wonders what will happen if Honey moves away.  What will become of the garden when Honey is no longer there to care for it?  Honey helps Laurel understand that the garden can continue after she leaves.  The story is an excellent springboard for discussing losing friends when they move away.  The pen and ink illustrations are sunny and bright.  This story is a tribute to both gardens and intergenerational friendships.

Renee (Parr Library)

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