The House that Lou Built

The House that Lou Built

By:  Mae Respicio

Lou Bulosan-Nelson, a 13-year-old half Filipino girl, lives in San Francisco with her mother and grandmother near a close-knit community of relatives.  Lou’s father died before Lou was born, but left her with a gift of land.  Lou’s dream is to build a tiny home on the land to fulfill her father’s dream to build the family a home of their own.  After Lou maps out a plan to build her tiny home, her mother delivers devastating news.  She got a job offer for a nursing job in Washington state and tells Lou they will be moving soon.  Lou also overhears that her land may have to be auctioned off if the back taxes aren’t paid.  Down but not out, Lou hopes that if she builds the tiny house quickly, her mom will change her mind about moving away from family and friends.  Her plan doesn’t go as well as expected, but friends and family come to her rescue.  This well-crafted story incorporates Filipino language and customs such as the birdlike Tinikling dance and descriptions of favorite dishes.

Renee (Parr)


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