The Princess and the Peas

“A funny tale for royally fussy eaters everywhere” (cover of book)

This humorous fairy tale book, The Princess and the Peas, is a modern version of the classic fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea.  This rhyming story is about Lily-Rose May, a perfect little girl until her father decided she needed to eat peas. Lily – Rose May was not only unable to eat peas but when she did all sort of strange happenings occurred.  The doctor quickly arrived and he unfolded a that that day of a princess who could not tolerate peas.  Lily-Rose May fate was sealed, she was a princess.  A beautiful palace awaited her and her new life was quite grand.  Her every wish was granted until it was time for dinner.  The food placed before her was even worse than peas.  The glamour of being a princess quickly faded as her life became filled with obligations and having to eat food worse than peas was more than she could bear.  She missed her life with her father and happily returned to being just Lily-Rose May, not a princess.

This version of the Princess and the Pea was not only fun to read but the illustrations were great.  A book to be enjoyed one on one or in a group setting.

Reviewed by:  Beverly (Davis Library)

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