The Sock Thief

sockThe Sock Thief

By Ana Crespo

Illustrated by Nana Gonzalez

Recommended for ages 3-6.

Felipe is a sock thief. Once a week, he gets up very early and picks mangoes from his family’s tree, then he goes the long way to school. He doesn’t have any socks of his own, since his only pair of shoes are worn out flip-flops, so he takes socks from windowsills and laundry lines. But for every pair of socks he takes, he leaves behind a ripe mango. What does he do with so many socks? It turns out that it’s not as much of a secret as Felipe thinks.

A fun story about ingenuity and kindness in a small town, The Sock Thief will charm soccer fans and creatives alike. There are introductory words in Portuguese scattered throughout the text, as well as a glossary in the back to help the reader learn a few more words. The bright and cheery pictures will draw in any reader as you get closer to learning about Felipe’s secret use for the socks.

Nicole P.

Schimelpfenig Library


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