The Someday Suitcase

The Someday Suitcase

By:  Corey Ann Haydu

Ten-year-olds Danny and Clover have been best friends their whole life.  They complement each other perfectly.  Clover is thoughtful and quiet and loves science while Danny is chatty and funny and loves art.  In fact, they are so close that Clover thinks they are symbiotic.  When Danny starts fainting, getting infections, and is hospitalized, Clover must navigate fifth grade without him.  She decides to study Danny’s illness as her science fair project.  Clover makes lists of his symptoms, his bad days, and his good days.  She concludes Danny feels better when she is around.  Concerned that Danny’s doctors aren’t doing enough to help him, Clover and Danny devise a plan to visit the Somerset Clinic and get a chance to see snow for the first time.

While author, Corey Ann Haydu, does not shield readers from a difficult topic, she writes with sensitivity.  The reader will feel Clover’s anxiety and her need to help her friend.  THE SOMEDAY SUITCASE  is a very moving middle grade novel.

Renee (Parr Library)

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