There’s a Cat in Our Class!

There’s a Cat in Our Class!

A Tale About Getting Along

By: Jeanie Franz Ransom

Miss Biscuit’s classroom of dogs is about to get a new student.  This student is very different from the others, however.  She is a CAT!  How will the dogs react to someone so unlike them joining their class?

This sweet, funny and timely book offers a child-friendly excursion into the important issue of diversity. The story imparts the value of learning about, accepting and celebrating each other’s differences.

Bryan Langdo’s illustrations are lovely and expressive and allow for discussion about Samantha and the dogs’ feelings throughout the story.

This book is timely and relevant for children and parents alike.  At the end of the story is a Note to Readers by Gayle E. Pitman, PhD., which gives suggestions on ways to have meaningful conversations with your child about this difficult topic.

Happy reading!

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