Toca Tailor Fairy Tales

Bring the world of design and dress up to life with this fun app!  Explore different design creations with fairy tale flair, and create your own custom outfits.  This free app is a great way to explore and play with Toca’s design capabilities.  While it’s limited to the fairy tale settings and only two characters, it showcases all the features of the Toca Tailor app (available for $2.99).

Toca Tailor Fairy Tales by Toca Boca AB

Ages:  4+ (made for ages 6-8)

Requires:  iOS 6.0 or later

Compatibility:  iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Toca Tailor Fairy Tales is an interactive app that lets you design and style fairy tale clothing for your characters.  You can choose from two characters – one male and one female.  Unfortunately, the characters aren’t customizable at all, although they are animated with different facial expressions and noises while you work.  The only elements that you can control are the outfits that you design for each character.   Once you’ve selected your character, you can start designing your custom outfit.  Tapping on the character’s chest will let you change the style of the shirt, while tapping on the arms will change the sleeves.  Similarly, tapping on the legs will change the bottoms, which include both pant and skirt options regardless of character.  You can also drag the hem length for any of the pieces to be as short or long as you want for your design.  Littlest users might be frustrated on occasion, because dragging the hem length is sometimes interpreted as tapping to change the style.

Tapping the needle and thread icon in the bottom left corner opens your cutting room to let you customize the colors and add-ons for your outfit.  Each section of the outfit (sleeves, chest, and bottom), is customizable in its own screen, which you can quickly access by tapping each image to scroll through the windows.  For each, you can choose a color from 16 pre-designed solids and prints, or use your device’s camera to create your own design.  If you don’t want to use the camera, tapping the book image will access your photo stream.  Then, just drag and drop the color block onto the clothing.  You can also resize the colored pieces using a simple pinching motion, and layer several colors or designs on top of each other.  Once you’ve chosen your colors and patterns, you can continue scrolling to add 8 different accessories like buckles and stitches to complete your look.  Back on your character’s main page, you can also select the face icon in the bottom left corner.  This will open up your accessory wall, which includes 18 different accessories like hats, masks, scarves, and shoes that can be used to complete your look.  Each can be added or removed by simply dragging and dropping onto your character.

The camera icon in the top right corner takes a picture of your character.  Alternatively, you can use the mountains icon to take a picture where your device’s camera is used to provide the background.  Your character will be overlaid with this image to create a custom look.  You can also move your character around the image window, and resize, to position before snapping the picture.  Throughout, the character animates with different facial expressions and movements.  Each photo is saved to your device’s camera roll.  The app also includes a useful parents menu, which is only accessible from the home screen.  Access is provided by entering your year of birth.  This page does require an internet connection to access, although the rest of the app functions without it.  From this page, you’ll find more information about how to play the game, including detailed instructions for manipulating the app.  You’ll also find tips for talking with your child and more information about the app’s settings, which are all controlled through your device’s main settings page.

This app is a great way to explore unstructured creativity.  There are no rules, time limits, or specific challenges, so you and your child can play any way that you’d like.  As an added bonus, the app doesn’t include advertising or in-app purchases during play.  Looking for ideas on how to get started?  For younger users, you can talk about colors and the names of clothes while you create.  For older children, design an outfit and create specific directions for your child to complete as practice in following directions.

Ready to take the fun off your screen?  Try making up a story about the character that you’ve created.  You can practice your writing and your storytelling skills be illustrating your own story or scene featuring your character.  Or, try playing dress up on your own!  What character would you most like to be?  Try creating your own accessories from different supplies you have around the house, and let your creativity blossom.

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