By Tim McCanna

Illustrated by Richard Smythe

With all this rainy weather, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a good book. And what better book to read than one about… rain!

Watersong tells the story of a young fox who gets caught out in a storm. At first, the rain is light and the little fox continues to play and chase duck but then the storm gets worse as rain pours and wind whips leaves and branches. The book ends on a happy note with plants blooming, rainbows shining, and our little fox friend reunited with his family.

This story is told through the illustrations rather than the words making it a great book for developing important storytelling skills, a key element of early literacy. Each two-page picture is filled with action; ask your child to describe what they think is happening and what clues they used to figure it out.

The text is a series of onomatopoeia and action words which add to the atmosphere of the story. With the mix of rhyming and near-rhyming words, there is a fun, flowing rhythm to the text. This type of wordplay is fabulous for helping young readers recognize letter-sound relationships.

I simply loved the combination of adorable pictures and playful text! For budding science enthusiasts, there are some fun science facts and vocabulary at the back of the book which tie into the story. I highly recommend reading this book aloud with the whole family, especially if you need to chase away those rainy day blues!

Reviewed by Meredith (Davis Library)

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