By Carey Sookocheff

“There are all kinds of ways to get and be wet.” – Inside Book Cover

Children love to explore the simple concepts we grown-ups so often take for granted. This book celebrates the exploration of one such concept: wetness.

As the main character shares his experiences with being wet, young readers will enjoy identifying their own experiences and figuring out the cause and effect of the different scenes.

The illustrations are charmingly simple with no backgrounds, sparse use of outlines, and a small palette of pastel colors. This simplicity complements the simple subject matter and is a refreshing break from the chaotic, overstimulating illustrations found in many picture books today.

This is a fun book to read with the whole family and a fabulous early introduction to the observation aspect of the scientific method. Encourage your young reader to practice their observation skills and compare and contrast the wet objects in the book as well as the world around them. Or, with its happy ending of a warm bed and good night kisses, simply enjoy this book as a delightful bedtime story!

Reviewed by Meredith (Davis Library)

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