When a Dragon Moves In



When a Dragon Moves InWhen a Dragon Moves In

by Jodi Moore Illustrated by Howard McWilliam

“If you build a perfect sandcastle, a dragon will move in.” This is exactly what happens to the lucky little boy in this book! Dragons can be very helpful (by being a built-in marshmallow toaster and scaring beach bullies away), but they can also get you in trouble (by eating all the peanut butter sandwiches and spraying sand all over your sister and getting you blamed for it).

This book was very funny and enjoyable! It is written a lot like the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and its sequels by Laura Numeroff. The illustrator also does a fabulous job of depicting what is going on in the story. He even depicts real-life explanations for what is going on (Dad is toasting marshmallows and chasing the beach bullies away in the background). Overall this is very good read!

Recommended for children ages 4-7

Jacquline (Schimelpfenig Library)

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