When the Wind Blew

When the Wind Blew

By:  Petra Brown

This sweet story would make an excellent lap read with parents or grandparents.  Little Bear and Big Bear wake to find that their home is no longer a suitable place to live.  A large storm knocked down all of the trees near their home.  Little Bear feels very anxious, but Big Bear assures Little Bear that everything will be fine.  Little Bear notices that birds and bees have also been displaced by the storm.  The birds will have to find a new place to build nests and the bees need trees to build their hives.  Big Bear protects and comforts Little Bear all day as they travel to find a new home.  Little Bear peppers Big Bear with many questions along the way.  Finally they reach their destination and find an even better home.

It was refreshing to read a bear story about something other than hibernation.  The illustrations, done by the author, are sweet and lovely, a perfect complement to the story.

Renee (Parr)

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