I Am NOT a Dinosaur!

i-am-not-a-dinosaurI Am NOT a Dinosaur!

By: Will Lach

Illustrated by: Jonny Lambert

Everybody knows kids love dinosaurs but there is more to prehistoric life than good, old T. rex and his dino-pals.  This book introduces a host of animals found in the fossil halls at the American Museum of Natural History that are definitely NOT dinosaurs but are still really cool!  Super-sized mammals and sea creatures are featured with a few familiar faces that may look like dinosaurs but really are not.

Rhyming text with the repeated chant “I am not a dinosaur!” makes this a fun read-aloud book.  The tempera paint and collage illustrations take up two whole pages for each animal and are very reminiscent of Eric Carle’s work.  At the end of the book there are more facts about each animal and a timeline that puts them in chronological order from past to present.  This book is great for both pre-readers and young readers who are interested in the ancient world and the animals that called it home.

Review by: Meredith (Harrington Library)

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