Tangrams for STEAM Skills!

A tangram is a puzzle composed of 7 flat shapes, called tans. Tangrams are said to have originated in China, and brought to Europe in the 19th century.

When doing a tangram puzzle, the objective is to create a specific shape with the pieces, having been given only the outline or silhouette of the goal shape.

Logical thinking, spatial reasoning, and relating abstractions (drawings) to physical objects (like tangram pieces) are all critical STEAM skills. Tangrams are a great tool for helping your child develop these skills. They’re also very fun!

This page from Parenting Science has some great information on tangrams.

These linked items available at Plano Public Library involve tangrams. Give them a try!

Plano Public Library often uses Tangrams in our STEAM Stop, Math Games with Osmo, and World of Robots programs as well.



This video will show you how to create your own tangram pieces at home.

Here’s are some great animal shape tangrams puzzles. A simple youtube search for “tangrams for kids” will give you many ideas for puzzles!  Have Fun!

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