The Cat in the Hat Builds That

Featuring the loveable Cat in the Hat, and based on the popular PBS KIDS series “The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That,” this exploration app introduces young learners to the basics of scientific inquiries, problem solving, and STEAM concepts through a series of games and challenges.

The Cat in the Hat Builds That:  STEM Play for Little Engineers by PBS Kids

Ages:  4+

Requires:  iOS 9.0 or later or Android 4.1 and up

Compatibility:  iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android

The Cat in the Hat Builds That is a fun app that breaks down science concepts for young learners.  Featuring a variety of Dr. Seuss characters, explore different challenges to practice problem solving and STEAM concepts.  The parents section of the app also includes tips to expand the learning activities off your screen, using materials that you may already have around the house.

The app includes three games focusing on different concepts.  Choose a game by selecting the icon near the car, which will bring you to game menu.  Easy for little learners, this menu uses character images rather than descriptions of the games.

  • Bridge-a-rama lets you practice measurement, building materials, and problem solving as you build different bridges to help the dragon reach the castle. In addition to problem solving the build the right bridge, the game includes predictions and other problem-solving challenges to keep learners engaged.  Learners are exposed to length, strength, and more while they build their bridges.
  • Sorta-ma-gogo lets you practice organizational, identification, and sorting skills based on a variety of characteristics. Learners will collect the different items needed, and practice sorting by characteristics like color and shape.
  • Slidea-ma-zoo introduces physics, momentum, and surface tensions while you build slides to meet the challenges of Thing 1 and Thing 2. Learners must figure out how to make their character slide faster or slower than the Things in each challenge.

Each level in the game allows you to play again to improve, or move on to the next level.  Navigation between the screens is done by large arrow icons, and the home icon always remains in the upper left corner, making it easy to get back to the start.  Tapping on the treehouse allows you to enter, where you can decorate the shelves with different items.  As you continue to complete games, you’ll earn more items to display on your shelves.  Completing a game also unlocks a new challenge for you, where you can build additional items to expand the backyard adventure.  The app also includes drawing pages, accessed by the pen icon, and a measuring snail to assist with challenges.

The Cat in the Hat Builds That is a great way to practice problem solving with your child.  As your child learns to solve problems through creative thinking, discussion, and trial and error, he or she is developing self confidence, courage, and self esteem.  All of these translate to a dynamic personality and a child who is more likely to explore future learning.  Children who learn from a young age how to solve problems are poised for success later in life.

Ready to take the fun off your screen?  Look for different challenges and experiments to try together at home this summer.  Our Science Experiments Nonfiction Book List shares some fun books you can check out from the library with ideas to explore.  Or, join us at a Davis Library on Tuesdays at 3 PM for our Super Science series, where you can experiment and learn together as a family.  For more app recommendations and examples, be sure to check out our App Talk videos and other app posts.  There’s still plenty of time to explore with us during Summer Learning, so be sure to check out our Engage brochure, also available in any Plano library, to see all of our great upcoming programs.  Happy playing!

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