A Dog Named Doug

A Dog Named Doug

Written by Karma Wilson / Illustrated by Matt Myers

“…oh boy, did Doug DIG!”

A Dog Named Doug is a lighthearted book featuring Doug, a loveable, plump pup who spends most of his days doing what he is best at – digging. Doug takes readers on a journey through his backyard, a gold mine and even the White House as his powerful digging takes him everywhere. At the end, he makes sure to dig his way inside the house to sleep with his loving owners.

The bright artwork pops against a white background and Myers’s attention to detail makes for a fun read, from the dog hieroglyphics on a pyramid wall to the “John Elke” brand name on a tractor. The story’s text is full of alliteration and rhyming, which leads to an even more fun story time full of tongue twisters.

PPL owns five copies of this new picture book; place it on hold by clicking the title above.

Kailey Warren

Davis Library

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