A Leap for Legadema: The True Story of a Little Leopard in a Big World

A leap for Legadema : The True Story of a Little Leopard in a Big World


By Beverly and Dereck Joubert

Both preschoolers and those in early elementary school can enjoy this as a read-aloud.  It’s a picture book.  It’s a documentary.  It’s a coming of age story.  Best of all, it’s a wonderful introduction into reading nonfiction for enjoyment!  This story has it all: full-page, awe-inspiring photographs that capture the imagination and yet are easy for little ones to interpret.  It is the story of Legadema, a little leopard who must take a leap into the big world.  Leopards grow up fast.  We learn of Legadema’s birth in Africa, her close relationship with her mother, and we learn how leopard mothers train their cubs to become independent.  This story is both sweet and tough—like a leopard; and may inspire questions about wildlife…  Good thing there are plenty of leopard facts in the back of the book!  While there is nothing graphic in this story, you may want to read it first to decide whether to soften a word or two for your littlest ones.  Enjoy!

Nicole (Haggard)

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