A Seed is the Start

A Seed is the Start

By:  Melissa Stewart

Colorful photographs and lively text explore the journey of seeds as they travel, take root, sprout, and eventually grow into new plants.  This non-fiction title is for early readers in grades 1-3.  The book begins with a diagram of a corn seed splitting open, growing roots and shoots and finally growing leaves.  Next the narrative describes different ways that seeds travel.  Some seeds fly through the air, others tumble across the ground, some float to new locations, while others cling to animals and are carried away.  I was especially fascinated with the living stones that produce bright yellow flowers and the Asian climbing gourds that have fruits the size of basketballs.  This is an inviting and beautiful introduction to plant life.  Back matter includes a selection of books and websites for further reading.

Renee (Parr)

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