Arty Mouse Numbers

Arty Mouse Numbers explores basic number skills with mini-games and animations.  Practice skills like writing numbers, recognizing numbers, and counting through a variety of games designed for preschoolers.

Arty Mouse Numbers by Tap Tap Tales, SL

Ages:  4+ (designed for ages 3 to 6)

Requires:  iOS 8.0 or later or Android 4.0.3 and up

Compatibility:  iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android

Join the lovable character Arty Mouse, star of a variety of children’s crafty books and learning apps, as he explores the world of numbers.  Through these cute games, your child can practice counting skills, writing numbers, and even basic math skills.  The app does not include very much instruction, so you may need to work with younger children to help them understand the games.  Children with a basic understanding of numbers and counting will likely find the games more intuitive.  The app isn’t designed as a learning tool to introduce number concepts, but more as a practice for children to reinforce their existing skills.

From the home screen, you can choose your language.  Simply touch the globe icon, and then select from English, two versions of Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, or Russian.  The cart icon will unlock the additional games and remove ads from the app.  Parents should be aware that there is no parental gate blocking these features.

There are twelve different number activities, although only four are included in the free preview.  The remaining games unlock for a flat fee of $1.99.  Pop a balloon to pick your games and get started.  One level focuses on three number tracing games.  When you trace each of the numbers 1 to 9, each numeral makes up part of a larger image.  For example, the number four becomes the sail for a sailboat.  If the tracing goes off course, you’ll see a red error, and then you’ll start over from where the mistake occurred.  Another level focuses on memory matching games, made up of six cards.  One game focuses on matching numbers, one on matching quantity pictures (for example, five cookies), and one focuses on matching the number with their pictured quantities.  Another level practices counting by displaying a quantity and asking you to choose the correct number.  The final level included in the free preview asks you to put a series of three pictures in order based on their numbers.  Each game is progressively more difficult, including counting by single number and more complex tasks like counting by only odd numbers.  The sequence counts aloud when ordered correctly.

Ready to take the fun off your screen?  These leaf puzzles are a great way to practice number and letter recognition.  These fun mini-puzzles let you practice matching numbers to their quantities, but also introduce concepts like shape recognition.  It’s easy to include math and number skills throughout your day.  Counting together, finding the right quantity, estimating, and even spatial sense, are all things that occur naturally in your daily routines and in play.  You can learn more from Zero to Three about what early math skills your child is likely to need before starting school, including fun activities to try out on your own.

For more app recommendations and examples, be sure to check out our App Talk videos and other app posts.  Are you ready for Summer Learning?  You can find out all about our great upcoming programs, including art for all ages, in our Engage brochure, also available in any Plano library.  Happy playing!

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