Avalanche Dog Heroes: Piper and Friends Learn to Search Snow

Avalanche Dog Heroes: Piper and Friends Learn to Search the Snow


By Elizabeth Rusch

This book is about Piper – a dog in avalanche rescue training school, her trainer Sara, and her canine classmates and friends.  In this non-fiction story, we learn what it takes to become an avalanche rescue dog through Piper’s eyes: everything from having the right kind of temperament, keeping cool on the ski lift, following basic commands and so much more.  Finally, in this oftentimes gripping story, we find out if Piper has what it takes to pass the avalanche rescue test.  With large and beautiful photographs on each page, this book reads with all the fun and intensity of a great fiction story.  Nevertheless, it is unmistakably a documentary – and it is spectacular.  For grades 3-5.  Will work at younger ages as well; also as a read-aloud that will hold interest if carried over a few days.  Highly recommended.

Nicole (Haggard)

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