Bobo and the New Baby

Bobo and the New Baby

By Rebecca Minhsuan Huang

“Until one day, Mr. and Mrs. Lee come home with… a BABY!”

Bobo and the New Baby is a charming story following the Lee family, which includes Mr. and Mrs. Lee’s dachshund Bobo. Mr. and Mrs. Lee are excited to welcome their first baby to the family, much to Bobo’s excitement. However, Bobo has never been around a new baby before, and is reprimanded repeatedly for his noisemaking and poor timing.

Bobo eventually finds himself in the right place at the right time when a bee enters the house. Bobo senses this potential danger to the baby and is able to alert his owners before anything bad happens. Realizing Bobo only wants to help, Mr. and Mrs. Lee finally introduce Bobo to the new baby, and they are a happy family again.

This book is an adorable choice for family story time, especially if a new sibling may be on the way. It is able to showcase Bobo’s life before the baby, the transition once the baby arrives and a glimpse of the future life as a family of four.

The art is colorful yet minimal, and the writing takes on a topic that sometimes needs a lighthearted touch. This is Huang’s debut and I am eager to see more from her.

Kailey Warren

Davis Library

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