Breathe Like a Bear

Breathe Like a Bear

By:  Kira Willey

I absolutely love this book!  It first caught my eye because of the beautiful illustrations by Anni Betts and the intriguing title.  BREATHE LIKE A BEAR is a book filled with activities that teachers and caregivers can use to help little ones learn to be mindful.  The book is divided into five sections:  “Be Calm,” “Focus,” “Imagine,” “Make Some Energy,” and “Relax”).  Each spread is illustrated with cute animals such as bears, foxes, and rabbits.  Children are encouraged to use their imaginations.  For example:  “Pretend you’re a bear, hibernating in the winter.  When bears hibernate, they breathe slooowly in and out through their noses.”  Each of the exercises is brief which is perfect for short attention spans.  I can think of many uses for this book.  Teachers could use it during story time or parents could do an exercise with kids to relax them after a long day.

Renee (Parr)

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